With the assertion that creating sound intergenerational bonds is fun, the Canadian organization Be Fit For Life recently launched a downloadable assortment with games to be performed between young kids and their grandparents.

The games can be easily downloaded, and are designed to create an active interplay and develop what they call physical literacy. It involves boosting motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge, and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activity for life.

The booklet called Move & Play Together contains around 16 games. Many of them can be played in the “virtual friend” modality, via zoom or FaceTime, and requires minimal equipment since all of it can easily be found in any home.

The bonds between grandparents or older adults and young kids are the main aim of these games. The set of games comes in handy nowadays when physical distance is a challenge, and healthy connections between generations are constantly necessary.

Although this initiative is partnered with the Chinook Arch Regional Library System in Alberta Canada, it is open to anybody who wants to enhance the relationships between the youngest and oldest family members.

It is important to remark that Chinook Arch Regional Library System has been developing different senior and intergenerational activities over the past two years.

To download the booklet with the games, please click here